Nitro Gas RC Remote Control Truck

Exceed RC’s Beginner’s Nitro Gas RC (Remote Control) Truck:

Nitro powered radio controlled cars and trucks have been popular for many years among teens, young adults and even the middle aged. The speed obtained by these highly modifiable RC cars has fascinated me for sometime. After a while, I decided to buy one for myself. At that time I did not know much about these gas engine monster trucks and buggies and nearly spent $360 on a brand new Traxx Monster Truck. Luckily, I ran across Exceed RC’s beginner’s model for a fraction of the price.

I was not sure at first if the beginner off road buggy would satisfy the craving for speed and excitement. So, I did some research. A few days later I found the specs for Exceed RC’s buggy. To my surprise it was capable of 55mph+, equipped with off road suspension and off road wheels/tires. This RC buggy can also be upgraded/modified from it’s current point and all parts are compatible Traxx and HPI trucks. Once it arrived in the mail I couldn’t wait to test it out! Dirt or mud, any terrain, this thing is a blast! Not only is the buggy fun to drive off road, it is also very durable. I can not remember how many LARGE jumps it has survived, not only survived but not much more than some dirt and mud marks on the body.

Low cost, fun and durable is the best way I can describe this Nitro Gas RC Buggy. With a purchase price under $120, it was worth every penny. It seems that Exceed RC’s beginner’s version has sparked my interest in remote control gas trucks and it is doubtful I will put the controller down for long.

I hope this has helped some of you that were considering nitro RC racing as a hobby. Cheers!

Author: Matt Harber

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I just got into the nitro rc things but everything is so expensive I have a nitro rc10gt so if u have any parts or know where to get some for cheap let me know

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