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RC hobbies are becoming increasingly popular with children and adults alike. However, although many of us have heard the term RC not all of us really do understand what it means. In this article we explain a little bit more about what RC is.

As we all known RC stands for remote control and this is where one can control one device using another which is not attached to it. It was in 1903 that the first remote control device was presented to the Paris Academy of Science by Leonardo Torres Quevada who had invented Telekino. This device was in fact a small robot which when electromagnetic waves were transmitted to it could execute certain commands.

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However, today many of the remote control devices which we have in our homes such as for controlling the TV use an infrared light beam. It is this beam of light which causes the target device to carry out certain functions. But these devices are somewhat limited and need to be directly in line with the target object in order to work correctly and can only be used over short distances.

When it comes to devices used for controlling objects in RC hobbies it is radio frequency waves that are used to transmit the commands. Unlike infrared beams these devices don’t need to be in sight of the object that they are controlling and can be used from some distance away.

There are four main components which are used for controlling remote control cars, boats and planes. These are the transmitter, receiver, motor and power source. The transmitter is the device that you hold and is what allows you to have control over a RC vehicles movement. It sends signals to the receiver in the RC vehicle and this in turn operates the motor.

In order for the motor to have power then the vehicle is fitted with either a rechargeable battery pack or regular batteries can be used. However, for some of the more advanced types of RC vehicles which can reach speeds in excess of 70 mph these are powered by either nitro methane or normal gasoline.

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As well as remote control vehicles just being something to enjoy for a few hours on a warm summers day, some people will attend race meetings and to test their against others. Now you will find around the world numerous clubs have been set up for RC enthusiasts where they can meet and talk about the various models along with testing theirs against each others.

Although many people think RC hobbies are expensive, you can if you wish pick up a pretty good model for around $100 to start with. If you are considering getting involved in this particular hobby it is worth considering buying one that is already built rather than attempting to build your own initially.

By: Michael Castelli

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