Radio Controlled Trucks and Men

So what’s with the love affair between guys and radio controlled trucks?

What’s not to love? These speed demons have all the ingredients for a good time! They are fast and furious, eat dirt for breakfast, and can fly over moguls like crazy dare devils.

It meets every guy’s fantasy for speed, power, and wildness! I mean haven’t you ever wanted to drive like an absolute mad man with no repercussions? To go crazy and experience the adrenaline and blood pumping that comes from the experience of living on the edge?

Hell yeah! Well, if you can’t drive your truck off the cliff and live to tell the story, at the very least you can maneuver your radio controlled truck over a huge drop and watch it roll 50 times down the hill hitting rocks and gathering dirt and grass while magically landing and continuing to speed along the path below!

So listen, when us guys aren’t thinking about women and we aren’t in our chill mode, we absolutely love thrills! We’ll take it in whatever form we can get it. We love to live vicariously through the pounding of boxing, excitement of extreme sports, and vast worlds of video games.

Yeah, some domesticated guys who on some level have given up on their primal desire to push their edge will settle for battling it out at work, and watching men do things they wish they could do on TV, rather than pursuing it themselves.

Nitro Monster Trucks

All guys on some level have this desire to experience the possibility of our power, freedom, and greatness.

What does this have to do with radio controlled trucks? Everything. Just controlling these dirt eating speed demons reminds us what it feels like to be alive!!!

Remember when you were little and it would be FUN when it rained because there would be mud puddles to jump in? Remember? Remember when you didn’t care whether you got dirty or injured and just played your heart out?

RC Trucks will help you remember the feeling of the world being a playground that somehow got boring between school and getting a job. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Once you get the feeling back, who knows what you’ll go for!

In the meantime, driving like a lunatic and flying through the air at warp speed while chasing small animals and making people dodge your beast is satisfaction enough.

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Its about that time of year again. A time when anticipation of races to come is on the rise.

2009 18th Scale Carpet Off-Road Nationals

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Jake: I am now 16 years old an d I have been racing for about six years now. RC Pro: How did you get into rc? Jake: When my dad bought me a Duratrax truck about six years ago and broke that many times then moved up o a Kyosho 1/8 buggy.

RC Hobby Basics

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