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You must check out a nitro RC monster truck if you are thinking at purchasing a new radio controlled monster truck, as it is simply awesome. There are several categories to pick from, as in addition to the monster there is the stadium truck, the off-road, and the mini; so you have some options and can choose one that fits your personality.

But before you do, there is some helpful information that may assist you in your search. For example what is nitro fuel? Typically nitro and gas are not used interchangeably; a nitro RC vehicle uses a special blend of fuel made with nitro methane, methanol and oil. You will not be able to use regular gas. However, some of the larger RC  monster trucks have lawnmower type engines that run on regular gas.

Nitro RC Monster Truck

Nitro RC Monster Truck

Nitro RC monster trucks are usually 1/10 – 1/8 scale in size and are powered by a 2-stroke nitro engine. The most common sizes of a 2-stroke engine are .12ci (1.97cc) and .21 ci (3.5cc). They typically come in a kit with an engine and radio control system. The items that need to be purchased separately are the nitro fuel and a glow plug igniter. The glow plug is the device that ignites the air/fuel mixture inside the engine which is similar to a spark plug in a regular gas engine.

It is interesting that the cost is similar to an electric version as the nitro monster trucks are really fast; traveling anywhere from 27 to 50 mph, whereas the electric models travel 14 – 22 mph. And the runtime of a nitro RC monster truck is somewhere around 20 – 25 minutes per tank so you can play for a really long time.

There are some negatives and positives with a nitro truck. One of the negatives is that sometimes they refuse to start. You need to have some good basic mechanical and technical skills with these babies as with any engine, regular maintenance and cleaning will provide a little less frustration with getting it started.

Nitro Truck Chassis

Nitro Truck Chassis

However, some positives are the smell of gas and the authentic sound of the engine shifting gears makes them a lot more fun to play with. They do make a lot of noise; you should forewarn your neighbors so you don’t get any complaints. And who knows, once your neighbors hear the roar of the engine and see how much fun you are having, you may draw a crowd and have a group of spectators. If they have nitro monster trucks also, you could challenge them to a race! Make sure you are racing outside where you have some good ventilation because of the gas fumes. And because they are so fast, make sure you have lots of room to play.

The most popular companies that sell these trucks are Associated, CEN, HOI, Kyosho, Losi, OFNA, Tamiya, Schumacher, Traxxas and XTM. Getting excited? Feel the thunder of the engine and check out a nitro RC monster truck — start your engines!

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