Nitro Powered RC Trucks Are At The Top Of The List

Cheap 1/8 scale nitro powered RC trucks are at the top of the list for individuals who are prepared to leap with both feet into the world of  RC nitro powered trucks. 1/8 scale nitro RC trucks are not inexpensive unless you find one with a blown engine, no body, etc. However, there are still incredible deals to be had that will have you dancing the RC nitro monster truck rock.

RC nitro 2 speed trucks are more amusing than a barrel of monkeys. There is just amazing about the noise of an RC nitro powered engine that foam up enthusiasm. Perhaps it is the 40000 rpm RC nitro truck motors that can distribute speeds in excess of over 40 mph. It might even be the consideration of an RC nitro truck pull someplace where you could be devastating trucks or be the crushee.

Gas Remote Control Truck

Nitro Powered RC Trucks

The thrills and spills of a 4wd off road RC trucks nitro is comparatively new compared to it’s cousin of RC cars. People feel affection for monster truck events and at this time they can buy their own RC truck with not spending near as much as the big boy truck and still have lots of fun. A gas powered RC monster truck is not near as costly to repair compare to the area Ford dealer.

The CEN nitro RC trucks as well as the 867 4.6 Savage RC monster truck are very well-liked with the hobby enthusiast and considered a serious investment. These bad boys know how to run. RC custom monster trucks are accessible in kits from Tamiya, HPI nitro monster truck, and Traxxas. You can even locate nitro RC monster truck track blueprints starting with most manufacturers so you truly can build your personal custom nitro trucks.

Have you ever seen an RC gas powered monster truck rock crawling over the terrain? How about a RC gas powered monster truck on ice? These nitro RC off road trucks are a site to observe. Your mind’s eye will go wild with the potential of fun day after day.

Gas Powered Remote Control Trucks

RC Monster Truck

RC Nitro powered trucks are not only for the big folks but kids can get caught up in them as well. Many websites offer to be had kids RC monster trucks. The Spider man three remote control monster truck is a great example of kids getting in on the RC monster truck exploits.

Whether you are just commencing or a serious hobbyist, there are deals to be found. You can buy now or even enjoy an auction. If you never participated in an internet auction, now is the time. The auction allows you to bid what you are willing to pay for your RC truck. You just might be able to win the auction and have the satisfaction of paying only what you intended to. They are fun and a safe if you using a reputable site such as ebay and accepting payment through PayPal. Take your time but get started on your new hobby or enjoying your new nitro powered RC truck.


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Finally,  r/c off-road/on-road at home!!

Comparison between The demo version KYOSHO “VRC Racing” and DURATRAX “Real Race G2”, G2 give more realistic feeling and very accurate handling fef or real r/c car. Smashing, bashing, crashes, acceleration, suspension effect,

If you guys have this r/c simulator and built custom paint jobs, custom made local r/c tracks, models or tuning configuration file to share, share it out here.

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XT8 Dominates Cyprus Off-road Championship R1 Round 1 of 1:8 Truggy for the Cyprus Championship took place at Daytona RC Off Road Track in Nicosia on Saturday, March 14th. Continue reading… T2′009 Dominates LRP Touring Car Masters The AMAC club at Monteux was created by E. Nougier. In this structure dedicated to model racing there are no fewer than three tracks with their respective podiums for the different scales and even the All Terrain.

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We are honored to be named the official R/C car company of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. Our goal in joining forces with Team Lucas is to partner with a premium racing organization that shares our uncompromising commitment.

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