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The nitro buggy has arrived! Hold on to your hats! The newest and greatest 1/16 RC vehicle is now available on the market for you to win just about every race you enter as well as catch the attention of others miles and miles away. However, if you want one, you need to act fast as some models can sell out rather quickly.

Not only can this small vibrantly-colored machine travel up to 45 mph, but it has rugged construction and superior suspension; not only for speed, but it also handles itself quite well off-road. The transmission has long arms providing the ultimate in performance.

Nitro Buggy

Nitro Buggy

How can this be? nitro RC buggies come with an aluminum tower and aluminum-capped oil-filled coil overstocks that are held together with a really strong T-6 aluminum chassis making it one hot machine over the bumpiest ground. So if you like to thrash around off-road with a mixture of terrain and win those races, these nitro buggies are ready to go right out of the box.

Don’t worry about easy access for maintenance either. The nitro RC buggy has a roll cage that allows easy access to the engine. This is important when you are starting the engine, performing regular maintenance and quick refueling. If that isn’t enough, the nitro comes with a flip-top fuel tank!

You get really quick acceleration and very responsive reactions to your demands. This is because of the higher horsepower ratio on a very light machine. In addition, this sleek nitro buggy is an easy start and runs until the last drop of gas for non-stop action!

Check  Out These Hot Specs.

Interested is some specs? Check these out: 16.25 inches long (413 mm), 6.5 inches (165mm) high and weighs 58.2 oz (1.64 kg) without fuel. What about the oversized wheels? The front tires are ribbed, rear tires are mini pin. The track in the front is 9.875 in (251 mm) with the rear 9.5 inches (241 mm). The transmission is single speed, the drive system is shaft-driven two-wheel drive, the differential is planetary, the gear pitch is 48 pitch and the steering is bell crank. And there is more: the chassis is tub, the material used on the chassis is lightweight aluminum, the fuel-powered engine uses TRX .12 Nitro, drum brake type and the fuel tank capacity is 75cc. There is more, so check it out further!
So if you are interested in burning some rubber, or going top speeds on the dirt, this machine fits the bill with its huge tires.Traxxas Pro 15 Engine
Here are a couple of models to have a look at. The Traxxas #3310 is ready to run when the box arrives and comes with a TQ radio system and TRX Pro-15 engine. The  Traxxas #3304 comes with the TRX® Pro-15 engine but the radio system is not included.

Did we get you excited? Check out the nitro buggy and “start your engine!”

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